Burton’s Basement

Photography, Styling, Set Design


Sometimes you get so inspired by your favourite artist that you feel compelled to create something that pays homage to them and their brilliant work.

We are both huge fans of Tim Burton, and a few years ago we got the idea to experiment a bit by drawing from his signature aesthetic.

Equipped with two basic continuous Cameron lights, a black background, some Halloween make-up, and white sheets of printer paper, we attempted to create a dark and unique space where human dolls or clowns could live.

The wardrobe was assembled from pieces found at thrift and costume stores, and it took about a day or two to find the right pieces including the wigs.


We took turns shooting for two days, and selected a few interesting shots for editing. Our little experiment yielded some surprising results as we used minimal equipment and found inexpensive props. Photoshop magic followed, and the rest as they say, is history. We are planning to re-visit and perhaps expand on the series sometime in the future.


  • Concept Bram & Marta Timmer
  • Set Design Bram Timmer
  • Makeup Marta Timmer
  • Photography Bram Timmer
  • Post Production Bram & Marta Timmer