Interactive LED Installation


The idea for the campfire installation was a result of the decision to organize CAMP Festival in Calgary in September 2014. As a digitally focused festival, CAMP needed a simple interactive piece that illustrated the idea of gathering around a fire to share stories.

Filmed at temporary location at DaDe Art & Design Lab, December 2014

The concept emerged from a collaboration with Ed Keeble and was executed with the help of various fabricators and a 3D modeller. Making the campfire installation was very much an exploratory process with a relatively short timeline (month), and a tight budget.

The basic materials for the piece included: dark stained wood, 1/8” acrylic, and LED lights. The 9 abstract triangular logs of varied length were placed on a triangle base with an acrylic top. The colour of the lights could be controlled through a web app by simply dragging a finger across the screen. The more users interacting with the app, the more colourful the campfire “flames” became.

During the festival, the campfire was placed in the studio space at the GRAND, helping create an intimate atmosphere for the speakers and the audience to casually chat in. The piece got a second life later in December 2014, when it was exhibited at DaDe Art & Design Lab in Inglewood, and a third life at CAMP Festival 2015.

Here are some behind-the-scenes shots of fabrication and installation at multiple locations. Enjoy!


  • Creative Direction & Design Wild Forest, Inc.
  • Software Development Edward Keeble
  • Fabrication Bennett Stevens
  • 3D Modelling Everett Robinson