CAMP Summit

Round Table Talk Show, Webisodes


CAMP Summit is a round table talk show series featuring up to 8 top-tier industry leaders per episode who share career insights, thoughts, journeys and experiences about their creative life during an hour-long moderated discussion. Guests include directors, designers, developers, and artists from various disciplines.

Episode 3 of the show went live on August 27, 2019 on CAMP’s YouTube channel. Episode 3 sees Ryan Honey, Mike Hill and Joost Korngold joining Jeff Boddy, Jason White, Cordy Rierson, Can Büyükberber and host Elise Russell at the round table. It is filmed on location at the Calgary Film Centre.

Episode 2 saw Jennifer Hogan play host to Dan Stiles, David Hogue and Rachel Gogel who were joined by Chelsea Klukas, Jason Theodor, Nishat Akhtar and Kyle Peatt.

Episode 1 saw Trent Burton playing host to Emily Oberman, Paul Sahre, and Casey Sheehan who were joined by Elvira Barriga, Riccardo Giraldi and Lauren Hom. It was filmed at the Glenbow Museum in Calgary, Canada.


  • Executive Producer Bram Timmer
  • Producer Jenn Delconte
  • Co-Producer Alfred Park
  • Producer Jessica Seymour
  • Director Ryan Bouman
  • Editor Chris Dowsett
  • Editor Ryan Bouman
  • Sound Technician Alex Mitchel
  • Sound Mixer Adam Naugler
  • Sound Designer Drasko Vucevic
  • Electrician Rod Bennet
  • Camera Operator Olaf Blomerus
  • Camera Operator Braden Dereniwski
  • Camera Operator Chris Dowsett
  • Camera Operator Adam Peariso
  • Still Photographer Derek Heisler
  • Production Assistant Kathryn Pearce
  • Titles Designer Mateusz Napieralski
  • Casting Coordinator Jacqueline Poole
  • Colorist Chris Dowsett