Game Concept Direction


When a friend approaches us and presents an idea such as an iPhone game that takes us all the way back to the craziness that is encountered during our days in junior and high school, we get excited to help.

Capped! is an experience that can be played by many. Each player gets its own folder or dossier with photo and you can only look at one target at a time. It’s your job to ‘cap’ the target by taking a photo. The iPhone integrates facial recognition software that detects whether the photo you’re submitting as a cap is actually of the player in the dossier. If you’ve capped the player, you move onto the next assignment. The last (wo)man standing wins. Perfect for small community-type social gaming where you set the boundaries of an area where players can roam and put a cap into each other!

Since the logo for Capped! only exists within the iPhone game, we could get away with styling it as a neon sign that you’d encounter if you’re walking through a smoke-filled alley where gangsters and their tommy-guns lingered.

The application itself presented some challenges such as setting areas on the map where players could start a game as well as loading multiple games in your vicinity. Overall the detective-gangster vibe of the 1920 and 30’s seemed to work.

Though the application itself did have some alpha and beta development stages, it sadly never made it to the app store as with all things technology, code becomes outdated for devices as new ones hit the market year after year.