Crowdsourced Design Ideas with DesignFind

Identity, Branding, Application, Website


DesignFind sought a way to crowdsource inspiration and design ideas by presenting its audience with tasks to capture photos of great design examples from daily life and submit them to specific categories such as “Table lamps that turn you on”.

Before settling on the name DesignFind, Wild Forest created concept identities for “DesignQwest” as well as “SnappyDecor” which weren’t available names to trademark for the client. And so, after the client bounced some names around with the legal team, DesignFind was born. In addition to crafting the identity and brand, designing the website with various landing pages, we spent the majority of our time on the iPhone application design and flow.

The biggest challenge was to adhere to the strategy to launch the application in stages and watch DesignFind’s audience adapt and grow. Not jumping the gun meant finding ways to incorporate scalability with minimal change to the end-user with features and functionality we’ve all come to expect.

Overall, the design was kept primarily flat and minimal to focus on the DesignFinder’s photo content.

Below is a simple landing page design for users who shared their photos with others that did not have the application. After a few years in the App Store and experiencing slower-than-anticipated adaptation rates, the decision was made in 2015 to put DesignFind out to pasture.


  • Identity & Branding Bram Timmer
  • App & Web Design Bram Timmer
  • Strategy & UX Ketan Vakil
  • Web Development Matthew Stellato
  • Web Development Jonathan Freeland
  • App Development AD:60
  • Client Tony Kiser
  • Agency KMV Digital